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Business, transformation and
executive coaching with Butzi.

Create the life you dream oF

ARe you stuck and feel like there is more for you? 

Well, then you are like most people I've met.
The difference with you is that you are here, looking for coaching; like the greatest.

Successful people all go for coaching. Athletes, entrepreneurs, politician, you name it. 

I have been coaching them for years to help them expand their vision, mind and give them the tools they need to reach the next level. Whatever it means for them.


We are all different. We seek different goals, lives, and ways to achieve what we want. Maybe you want more. Maybe less.

That is why my coaching packages are adapted to you. I'm a trained coach but I use my experience in business, as an artist and in the corporate world to give you the best. 

So if you are an executive, you are starting a business or looking for more, I'll have a different approach for each. 

Success Business Coaching
Executive & Leadership Coaching
Level up  - life Coaching 

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This is what they say about my coaching


"Butzi changed my life. I would still be stuck in my job if I had never met him"

Nabeel Arshad "One With Magic", Magician 


"With his masterful help you will unleash creativity you didn't know was in you."

Sonia Choquette, NY Best seller author of The Answer is Simple


" An engaging and direct approach to get you out of your comfort zone and never look back"

Lucy “LucyLovesCircus”,  blogger

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WHO I am

I used to be a professional magician and creator of illusion for years. This led me to work with companies as a keynote speaker, teaching them the inner works of magician's mind to create and innovate. 

A bit restless, I then built 2 companies, failed and succeeded, learning along the way, and this led me to help executives, entrepreneurs and coach businesses of all size.

4 x TEDx speaker, Author of two books and speaker for the world's top companies, my mission is to inspire others to live on their terms. 

My insights into different worlds, working with huge companies and artists alike, solopreneurs and CEOs, gave me the perspective I needed to see the common patterns and limited beliefs my clients have. 

If you want to talk about yours, don't hesitate! 


This is my methodology

I don't do things randomly.

Obviously, no framework is perfect and ready to solve all your problems but I've noticed that whether you are a corporate leader, an entrepreneur or  just want more out of life, you will have to work on those different pillars. 

Get a free 5 video training!

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Do you want to reach the next level? Here is a free training video series for you! 

Thanks! We'll send the videos shortly!

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