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Manage your time Like a Boss Audio Course

Manage your time Like a Boss Audio Course

Discover a life-changing approach to living your life in this audio course! 


 8 sections to shift the way your perceive and manage your time on a daily basis. 


In "Manage Your Time Like a Boss » ⏱💪🏼 you will learn how to:


🤯 A hack to free up 1 day per week

🎯 Focus on the most important in your life

⚙️ Put in place systems to be efficient

😎 Delegate and automatize

👊 Work on your discipline


... and ultimately how to change your perspective on the time you have in your life. 


You will learn tools and techniques from CEOs, artists and entrepreneurs to implement in your life and make your time count. 

  • Curriculum of the course

    👇 This is the curriculum of the course 👇

    SECTION 1 

    1 - Finitude

    2- Understand Your Reasons

    3 - Let's dream together 

    4- How to reach your goals


    SECTION 2 

    1- How our model works

    2 - Time blocking 

    3 - Dealing with professional and personnal 

    4 - Mastering the speed of achievement and the dynamics

    5- What you can and can't control 

    SECTION 3 

    1- From goals to tasks

    2- It is all about choices 

    3- The role of sleep in time management 

    4- Quick recap of the what we've seen so far 

    5- Important vs Urgent 


    SECTION 4 


    1- How to protect your time 

    2- Protect your focus, protect your time

    3- Meetings: shorten - eliminate - impro